Suzuki Alstare – Extreme Racing (Dreamcast)


Suzuki Alstare Racing is a very fast and fluid racer with great graphics and high speed thrills for those who love arcade style racing. The three tracks available at the beginning are fairly easy to complete in 1st place and ease you into the game style nicely. Doing well at these will unlock others (14 in total).
The two player mode works well and is great for a laugh. the speed remains fast and fluid in this mode although some of the detail is lost and pop up is evident. However, this doesn’t distract from an enjoyable experience.

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In Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing the crashes are phenomenal: smash into a small rock and you will see your rider fly through the air with grace and panache. Unfortunately for Ubisoft, the game’s publisher, this isn’t the main aim of the game.

Created from the same team that made Redline Racer for the PC, this game has the benefit of a licence from Suzuki, allowing the programmers to put in real bikes and riders rather than the nondescript ones that were seen in the original Redline Racer. The sound effects are also much improved.

The aim of the game is to take control of a rider who wants to make the Suzuki Alstare motorbike team. To be accepted by them you must prove your worth by winning several races on several different bikes. The 12 challenging tracks and detailed race circuits in seven unique racing environments are moderate in their difficulty. However, once you begin to play, more challenging courses and options will appear.

If your fancy practising before you compete to become the best then the game offers five different variations: Arcade, Pure Arcade, Against the Clock and Championship options



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