Glover (N64)


A good wizard with magic gloves accidentally mixes the wrong potions. The next thing he knows … kaboom! The explosion sends one of his gloves sailing through the air, the other flying into a cauldron of evil, and the entire kingdom’s power crystals bouncing away like rubber balls. Your challenge is to restore the kingdom by returning the gloves and crystals. Guide the good glove and balls through six worlds. Transform them with magic spells to beat enemies, discover secret sections, and crush bosses. Throw the balls to hit switches, or dribble them upstairs. Encounter bizarre and humorous characters as you solve puzzles and advance from level to level

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3-D platform action-adventure game

  • Control the glove and ball as a team to solve puzzles
  • Cast a variety of magic spells and explore huge levels
  • Bizarre and humorous characters
  • 7 fantasy worlds to explore with over 20 levels


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