Capcom Fighting Jam (Xbox)


Ready for the ultimate fight?

Capcom Fighting Jam smashes together the bestbrawlers from five classic Capcom beat ’em ups.

Legends from classic games including Street Fighter II,Street Fighter III, Street Fighter Alpha, and Darkstalkers square up with their own style. And now,for the first time ever in the UK, choose characters from the incredible Red Earth.


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Over 20 fighters from five classic Capcom games go head to head.The champion will face new contender

  • Ingrid, and two mysterious bosses
  • The best fighting games together in one ring: Street Fighter II, Street Fighter III, Street Fighter Alpha,Darkstalkers, and Red Earth.
  • Choose a different fighter for each round. Outwit your opponent by switching styles
  • Xbox Live gives you the chance to pick a fight with opponents from around the world! Have you got what it takes to reign supreme against the best of the best?


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