My Word Coach (Wii)


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Play with words and letters with 6 Core Training Exercises: Missing Letter (Words are missing letters: find back the good one to succeed.), Split decision (Choose between several propositions the good definition for a word.), Pasta letter (In this speed challenge, spell out words from letters sinking in a soup.), Block Letter (In this Tetris like, spell any of the listed word with the block. When a word is correctly completed, it blocks are removed.), Word Shuffle (Fill in the spot the definitions corresponding to the correct word.), Safecracker (A word is the code of the safe. From the definition, write it as fast as possible & defeat your opponent.)

  • 3 difficulty levels.
  • Over 16,500 words and definitions using the Official Cambridge Dictionary.
  • Developed in collaboration with Tom Cobb-Mac Gill & Quebec University – Linguist.
  • 4 different personal coaches to choose from.
  • Save the data of 3 people so the whole family can play


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