Heavy Rain Move Edition: PlayStation 3 Essentials (PS3)


In Heavy Rain, you control four different characters all looking for the Origami Killer, who kidnaps young boys who then get killed by drowning. The gameplay is split into chapters and in each chapter you play a different character. Choices you make during the game effect the story and ultimately the ending, there are several different endings you can achieve, but your first play through will be the most exciting as at this point you do not know anything about the story and the characters or who the killer is. However obtaining different endings is still worthwhile, especially if you wait awhile between playthroughs

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This game is compatible with Playstation Move The critically acclaimed action adventure Heavy Rain has been given a PlayStation Move makeover, making the hunt for the Origami Killer even more involving than before… Heavy Rain is an intense psychological thriller which challenges you to track down a serial killer – play through an emotional, gripping story that combines exploration, dialogue and action, where every decision can have dramatic consequences. Heavy Rain: Move Edition Features: Use PlayStation Move for the ultimate freedom of control as you explore a rich, detailed, action-packed world and interact with a compelling cast. Make decisions in the heat of the moment that will have a tangible impact on the way the plot unfolds and the fates of the characters. Hunt for the Origami Killer in an emotionally driven experience – how far will you go to save someone you love?


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