GUN (Xbox)


Swap the cars for horses, San Andreas for the big country and a Uzi for a good old six shooter and suddenly GTA becomes GUN. It’s not quite that exact a copy though: the story missions are much more important here, with the side quests proving to be fairly short lived, and there’s relatively little reward available for exploring the game world. The actual business of gun fighting and horse riding looks and feels great, with accurate, intuitive controls and surprisingly violent showdowns. Grand Theft Auto is a better game and Red Dead Revolver is a better Western, but this is still a decent effort at navigating a path between the two.Most exciting moment:
Failing to take care of business in a horseback gunfight, then using your dead mount for cover

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New and savage ways to punish

  • Extensive variety of missions and game play
  • Brutal realism
  • Expansive interactive world


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