Croc Legend of Gobbos PS1 game


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Where would we be without cute platform games and their bizarre little heroes? Many grown-ups say they’re too old for such fripperies–until they play them. Croc is a straight-down-the-line 3D platform adventure, set in a multicoloured world of manic monsters and mayhem, which sets just the right level of challenge to welcome youngsters and task the oldsters alike. Your job, as baby crocodile Croc, is to rescue the Gobbos–fluffy (of course) little creatures who have all been taken hostage by the nasty Baron Dante. The game moves though a variety of worlds, level by level, pitting you against a series of boss characters. The graphics depicting the environments and the various bad guys are lovely, managing to conjure up just the right atmosphere, drawing you further into the game. The various puzzles (although that might be too strong a word) along the way keep the player occupied, as do the motley collection of Dante’s cronies


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